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The wine and spirits industry is dynamic, diverse and offers many opportunities to build an exciting and rewarding career.  Career Paths aim to provide an introduction to some of the key positions available in the industry, including a brief summary of what can be expected from the role. Descriptions are intended as a guide only. Every role and company is unique and may have different requirements. Content courtesy of WSET.

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Looking for Resources like Mentor/Mentee Toolkits, Gender Diversity Pledges for yourself or someone you know? Our Downloads center is your go-to resource for all things related to advancing women in the alcohol beverage industry. Have a suggestion for a resource you would like to see on the page? Let us know! We are regularly adding to this page so check back often!


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5 Tips for Women Breaking Into the Wine Business

by  | Articles by Jennifer CurryBlog

There are more women breaking into the wine and restaurant industries than ever before. According to the Wine Institute, “women have put a new face on the industry, taking lead roles in sales, marketing, hospitality and distribution. There are also increasing numbers of women sommeliers, traditionally a position held by men. Women have proven they can succeed in all areas of the wine business through hard work and dedication.”

By following these five steps my dream of working at a winery came true. Read More...