Join the leading women's organization giving women globally a platform
and a voice to thrive in the alcohol beverage industry!


This is your opportunity to apply your passion and empowering spirit to help women in the industry. As a member of our Brand Ambassador Program you become a ‘go to’ advocate for opportunity and progress, helping to increase awareness of Women of the Vine & Spirits, facilitate networking opportunities and cultivate new membership.

Brand Ambassadors must be current Women of the Vine & Spirits members to apply.



Meet Our Brand Ambassadors!



Become a Brand Ambassador

Once selected as a Women of the Vine & Spirits Brand Ambassador you become a champion, helping spread our mission to Connect through our global network, Collaborate across industry sectors, and Commit to take action and make a positive impact in the alcohol beverage industry. Our Ambassadors organize meet ups, cocktail receptions at Corporate Member offices, outreach and networking opportunities, to increase awareness, engagement and participation in our movement and promote opportunities to empower and advance our members.

In order to be selected as a Woman of the Vine & Spirits Brand Ambassador it’s important to share our brand values and care about the success of our mission. 


We are looking for influential, trustworthy, organized and responsive people.

What you can do:

  • Create and integrate your social networks to help build our community, recruiting new members to join the Alliance
  • Host networking events including cocktail receptions, coffee dates, informational meetings or anything you are passionate about to cultivate membership.
  • Be a part of building Women of the Vine & Spirits.
  • Network with other amazing women in the industry.


Each Brand Ambassador is asked to help initiate new Individual Memberships by sharing your passion for our organization with your community. By promoting our our mission you help empower and advance the careers of many women simply by sharing on social media, uploading YouTube videos and going live on Facebook: the more fun you have the better!

We can’t wait for you to start sharing because together we can change the face of the alcohol beverage industry!

Are you ready?



  • Participate in quarterly Zoom meetings with the Women of the Vine & Spirits team.
  • Share Women of the Vine & Spirits content on social networks to build a community around the Women of the Vine & Spirits brand – generating awareness, memberships and greater engagement.
  • Write blog posts, host tweet chats, produce videos for YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, host regional live events such as book club meetings, wine tasting gatherings, and more.
  • Host Networking gatherings
  • Share brand messages with your network.
  • Answer community questions and engage with network members.
  • Act as admin of your regional Community Group on the Women of the Vine & Spirits website, interacting with members in your area.




Program Terms

Brand Ambassadors are not employees of Women of the Vine & Spirits. The Women of the Vine & Spirits Brand Ambassador Program is a mutually beneficial arrangement that can be extended or terminated by either party.